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#9 – Rajasthan – At the sacred lake of Pushkar

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the local story – what happened

The journey from Jaipur to the west to Pushkar was short and almost without problems. I had once again driven a nail into the rear tire. Fortunately, a tire workshop was nearby, so I could leave the repair to the pro. After I had this tube already patched, it was a good opportunity to have a new one installed.

The Pushkar Lake is a small artificial lake between Jaipur and Jodhpur, and is one of the holiest waters for Hindus of India. A bath in its water provides the same ritual cleansing as a bath in the Ganges. The lake was built in the 4th century BC and is mentioned and has been revered in ancient texts since that time. The lake is surrounded by ghats and temples. Every year, more than 100,000 Hindu pilgrims come here to purify themselves and pray for health for themselves and their families. A part of the ash Mahatma Gandhi was scattered into the lake.

Local Brahmins (Hindu priests from the top caste) support the faithful against a small donation in their ritual ablutions. As a foreigner you should be careful. Since there are many tourists in Pushkar, there are also supposed priests, who want to rip of in this way light-believing. These guys are very experienced and one must already have a certain hardness to get out of their catches without too much loss.

Pushkar is a small town with about 20,000 inhabitants, who live mainly from tourism. The density of hotels, guest houses and restaurants is significant. The most famous event is the camel market held annually in November, to which hundreds of thousands of people come. But also outside of this event, this nice little town with its colorful houses and the special flair is worth a visit.

Just outside the town center is a hill, from where a temple towers over the city. The ascent takes a maximum of 25 minutes, but at high temperatures above 40 ° C you get a sweat. If you are drinking too little during this heat – like my companion Nigel – then it can happen that the blood circulation comes to stutter.

The climb is definitely worth it. The temple is nothing special, but the view over Pushkar and the lake compensates for the hardships suffered.

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