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Individual Tour

Are you an adventurer having plenty of time?


Would you like to experience extraordinary landscapes and cultural sights on a motorcycle on an exotic journey?


Are you interested in immersing yourself in foreign civilizations with their traditional customs and traditions and getting close to the local people?


You have a certain time frame and a rough idea of where you want to go? You want to plunge in exotic cultures and let yourself drift – staying as long as you like in places you are interested in?


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Small Groups

Individual tours can only be organised in small groups with a maximum of 5 participants – you book alone or together with friends. Before departure we will determine an approximate route and the associated timetable. It’s your decision on how long we will stay at one place and what itineraries will be. Individual tours will take between 4 and 10 weeks. It depends on your wishes and experience. Whether we are riding on asphalt roads, slopes or off-road, whether we spend the night in a comfortable hotel, with locals or even in our tents is up to you. We will turn your time-out into a journey – and this journey will become a unique and unforgettable adventure according to your imagination.

“…people don’t take trips—trips take people.”

John Steinbeck
Frequently asked questions

How does an individual tour work?


Each individual tour is personally guided by Henry


Duration between 4 weeks and 10 weeks


Group size min 1 – max 5 persons


Normally no motorcycle will be provided, but I can take over this task on request. Depending on the tour, I recommend renting a motorcycle on site or buying one for longer stays. It is of course part of my service to organize a suitable motorcycle and to accompany the whole rental or buying/buying back process. The dealer will buy back the motorcycle at a pre-agreed buy-back price. All rental or purchase fees are to be paid by the participant personally on site.


The route guide is always carefully selected by Henry and includes normall asphalt roads and good gravel roads. However, it may also deviate from this. It depends on the wishes of the group, which route we drive in detail. If you want and if you are experienced enough, it is although possible to ride off-road passages.

Daily riding hours

Every participant has different preferences, some want to sit on the motorcycle as long as possible, others prefer to stay for a while, enjoy sightseeing and enjoy every photo stop. The daily, individual adventure begins between 6 a. m. and 8 a. m. and is set by the route in such a way that we arrive as group at daylight between 5 p. m. and 6 p. m. at the hotel.

High altitude

Mountain tours are always a challenge for man and machine. Depending on the tour, large differences in altitude can be overcome in a short time or a longer period of time can be spent in high altitude. Riding a motorcycle at high altitudes is more strenuous than riding at sea level. Correct height adjustment and physical health are prerequisites for enjoying the beautiful passes and plateaus of the Himalayas or the Pamirs. At such heights there is always the danger of becoming ill at high altitudes. As an experienced high alpinist, I know how to deal with this. Everything was already taken into account during the route planning in order to ensure the best possible adaptation to high altitudes.


For individual tours there is the possibility that not all routes have been travelled by me in advance. Together we can discover new routes. The road condition, traffic conditions and external circumstances vary from region to region and cause different degrees of difficulty. Every participant must have sufficient riding experience and master his motorcycle before starting the trip. Challenging and difficult tours are marked and require many years of experience. I personally discuss the respective requirements with each participant in advance.


Accommodation is not included and has to be paid by the participant on site . Every day we have the choice of staying in a comfortable hotel, a good middle-class accommodation or even in our own tent.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included and has to be paid by the participant on site.


Your personal luggage has to be transported on the motorcycle.

Escort vehicle

Normally, no escort vehicle is provided. On request, it is possible to organize one.