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Comfortable Tour

You love it a little more relaxed?


Would you like to experience extraordinary landscapes and cultural sights on a motorcycle on an exotic journey?


Are you interested in immersing yourself in foreign civilizations with their traditional customs and traditions and getting close to the local people?


Do you prefer a fixed schedule and a predetermined route, would you like to load your luggage onto the support vehicle and hand over your motorcycle to a mechanic in the evening, who will prepare it for the next day?


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Medium Size Groups

Together with my local partners we all take care of your convenience from the first second of your arrival till your departure. Your luggage ist transported by our support vehicle. For your overnight stay after an exciting day on your motor-bike, you are awaited by a comfortable Hotel or a specially built up camp amidst an impressive scenery – nothing is missing there. Our mechanic – who is part of our service team – conducts his daily inspection in the evening while you are reviewing your daily ride on this wonderful, carefully selected roads. In the morning it is your decision, whether you are riding in the group or you are spending your day independently without luggage.

“Every journey has its own flair, its own flavour and its own colours”

Frequently asked questions

How does an comfortable tour work?


Every comfort tour is personally guided by Henry. Taking into account the size of the group, a second tour guide accompanies the group


Duration between 3 weeks and 4 weeks


Group size min 8 – max 12 persons


The Motorcycle is provided. All motor-bikes are rental vehicles and in perfect condition.


The routing on carefully selected roads includes paved and well rideable unsealed roads. You can ride with the guided group or cover the daily stage independently. Off-road rides are not intended..

Daily riding hours

Every Biker has distinct preferences – somebody would like to ride as long as possible, others enjoy it to stop moving several times, or they like to admire sights and indulging their photo passion. The daily set out for every individual adventure is at around 8am. The routing is designed in such a way, that after a joint lunch break everybody should be able to arrive at the hotel between 5pm and 6pm.

High altitude

High altitude tours are always challenging for men and motor-bikes. Depending on the stages of your tour, there might be significant vertical drops to overcome in a short period of time. Just as well it might be part of your itinerary to remain for longer periods on high altitudes. Riding a motor-bike on high altitudes is always more exhausting than on sea-level. Proper altitude adjustment and physical health is essential for having a great time on the high passes and the high plateaus of the Himalayas and Pamirs. At altitudes like these, there is always a risk to get high altitude sickness. As experienced mountaineer I know exactly how to handle it. Optimal high altitude adjustment has been taken in account during the route planning stage.


All routes are tested in advance. The road- and traffic conditions as well as external circumstances are varying from region to region and cause different levels of difficulty. Every participant has to have sufficient riding experience and must be able to control his motor-bike before tour-start. Demanding and difficulty tours are marked – they require extensive experience. It is absolutely necessary for us both, for me as responsible guide and for you as participant, to have in advance a personal briefing about all distinct requirements of the selected tour.


In the evening you are expected by a comfortable Hotel or – depending on the Itinerary – an own prepared Camp in unspoiled nature. Individual camping is not intended.


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included. All meals are prepared at the hotels or in especially selected restaurants. At the campsites is own cook responsible for preparing the meals.


Your personal luggage is transported by our service vehicle. It guarantees you a relaxed ride without additional weight load.

Escort vehicle

Our service vehicle is accompanying the group during your journey. An on-board mechanic ensures, that possible problems can be solved quickly. This includes daily inspections meanwhile your rest period.