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#10 – Rajasthan – Jodhpur

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From Pushkar to Jodhpur it is about 200 km, the roads are excellent in Rajasthan so it takes along the main route without breaks between 4 and 5 hours. On the way we passed a small temple on a hill, from which one we had a marvelous view over the dried out arable land.

Despite the high temperatures, the ride to Jodhpur was very easy, only my companion’s bike zipped around a bit. The engine went off several times during the trip, but alwas worked again after a few seconds.

Jodhpur is located in the Thar desert and is the second largest city in Rajasthan with more than 1 million inhabitants. For me, Jodhpur with its winding alleys, temples, palaces and its fort is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Even from a distance you can see the overhanging  Meherangarh Fort, which was built in 15th century.

Jodhpur is pure India – it’s a real adventure to ride a bike through the narrow streets of the old town.

First of all, we thought it necessary to visit a workshop to solve Nigel’s electrical problem. The supposed cause was quickly found, a new battery had to be plugged in and the ignition coil with candle plug was exchanged. It was annoying, because we had so far only 1.000 km behind us since the departure from Delhi. Only spending 4,000 INR (approx. € 60) could solve the problem.

The visit of the fort in Jodhpur is a must – this facility is particularly well maintained, with a bit of perseverance one can spend a whole day in the castle walls, the courtyards or the premises of the last Maharadjas and his ladies of harem.

Particularly casual is the view from the castle to the city below. Jodhpur is also called the Blue City – because most of the Old Town houses are painted in a pastel blue. Previously, it was a privilege of the highest caste, the Brahmanas (priests) to paint their house in this color. Today, anyone can do it, what means that almost every house is painted in this color.

Our two helmets are from the Indian brand Studds – in English the term „stud“ is used elsewhere. When we realized the word game it was relatively clear for us – as „running gag“ we had to dedicate our journey under the ambiguous motto „Two Studds on Tour“. The mock runs all day long – without interruption.

So towards the evening, in the lukewarm day, it is a special pleasure to stroll through the old town of Jodhpur with its narrow streets. It is easy to come in contact with people, drinking in small sidewalk cafes or hawkers an Cay or a beer and lets end this way the previous day with his scorching heat in peace.

We came into the conversation with a young man the evening before our planned departure. He wanted to engage as extras for a Hollywood Bollywood movie. At first we had declined, but after we had learned that this film was produced by the same people who had also shot „Slumdog Millionaire“, we decided to take over our plan and added some time..

The decision was not difficult for us, because we had found right at the foot of the fort an excellent accommodation, where we could extend our stay without problems.

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