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Silk Road & Pamirs #19 – Volgograd and coming home

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the local story – what happened

It was about 500 km from the Kazakh border to the southern Russian city of Volgograd. The roads were newly asphalted and excellent to drive. When I arrived there, I already knew the name of the hotel. The lady at the reception had looked a bit strange when I asked for a room. But after a short phone call she told me that I could get one and as the price was ok, I took it immediately. However, I might have made a wrong turn in my search for accommodation, as it turned out later, my supposed hotel was a rehabilitation clinic – I might have looked so modest after the hard time in the last weeks and months that they took pity on me.en.

The patients and the nursing staff in this rehabilitation clinic were very open-minded for a western biker, so from the first day on I was invited for trips and celebrations. A great thing was a trip on the Volga followed by the beach Piknik.

Volgograd is the former Stalingrad, i.e. the place where the most brutal battle of World War II took place. I had to repair my bike for the journey home and recover myself. The health resort was a hit, so I didn’t mind staying there a few days longer and seeing the sights of the city on the side.

From Volgograd to Graz it is about 3,300 km. Within 3 days through the Ukraine, Transnistria, Moldavia, again the Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and back home was again really exhausting.

Sleepless but happy to have done 25.000 km in 4 months without any major problems, the pictures of the immediate arrival in Graz show.

Many thanks to all who have accompanied me through the whole time.

As a small addendum you can find some pictures of the following repair work.

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