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Originally it was planned that I would travel on to Australia only in the middle of February and then spend at least 8 weeks in Down Under. My plans had changed, I couldn’t / didn’t want to finish the long walk in New Zealand, so I came to Sydney already in mid December, in the pre-Christmas period.

As these 10 weeks in New Zealand had not quite met my expectations and I had the same fears for my stay in Australia, I wanted to shorten my stay here and spend the time in South East Asia.

Sydney represents what Auckland claims for itself – namely to be a world city. To stroll through the city at 35° Celsius outside temperature in the pre-Christmas period is quite something.

Instead of mulled wine there is beer, wine or Prosecco, the Christmas markets are crowded like in our country and if you really want to, you can also get your knuckle of pork with sauerkraut and a measure of Löwenbräu. If you are overheated by the hustle and bustle and the temperatures, you just go to the next shopping centre and let yourself cool down to -1° Celsius in a huge snow globe for a short time

The people here are very sociable and the pubs are usually filled to bursting. I had the “bad luck” of passing a pub through an open window to greet a group of men – immediately I had to take a picture of them, was invited for a beer and it was quite early when I got back to my accommodation.


The harbour and the immediately adjacent opera house are the tourist magnets. From here the ferries leave, with which you can comfortably travel to the different districts of the city. The hustle and bustle around the opera house and the opera café already contributes significantly to the really positive flair of this city.

The U-Bein bridge was built around 1850 with wood from the former royal palace in Inwa and is therefore the oldest and longest teak bridge in the world. The bridge is an important link between the shores of Lake Taungthaman for the local population and very popular with tourists. A lot of tourist boats are available to go out on the lake and view the building from there.


One of the attractions of Sydney should be the Taronga Zoo. The fastest way to get there is by ferry from the harbour – I have seen some zoos in this world, this one didn’t convince me of its offer. Only the view to the skyline of the city and the Commodo dragons are something special.

What I really like in Sydney is that in the city area there are a lot of small bays and beaches that can be easily accessed by ferries or other public means of transport. I looked at some of them and it was partly very impressive, specially those small remote oases where not so many people stayed.

Of course, it is part of a real stay in Sydney that you at least once have a look at the most famous beach of the city, the Bondi Beach, and watch the surfers.

Of course a night photo of the unique skyline with the opera and the Harbour Brigde should not be missing at the end – those days in Sydney were a relaxing and beautiful time and as far as I can arrange it, I will come back to Australia. Nevertheless I am looking forward to Bangkok. 

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