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the local story – what happened

Kumbh Mela was strenuous, since about 36 hours we didn’t sleep anymore. For riding at the same day to Mandu, a small town 150 km away of Ujjain, we’d to push the envelope. A few km’s out of Ujjain it was time to take lunch in a small restaurant. This Chana Masala with some Chapati and rice was a delicious meal, before we took the chance to hit the hay on one of this stretchers available. Beside our meal, we’d also to digest this hype experienced before.

Mandu is an old Afghan ruined city in Madhya Pradesh, stretched for about 6 km on the edge of a steep slope. This place was the residency of princes, lords and moguls since the 6th century AD. The extraordinary issue of this historical buildings – they are really in a good condition – is, that they originated by the last Afghan ruler of this region. It means, this are Afghan palaces and mosques in the middle of India. The whole hill was an army post before and for long time surrounded by a stone-wall of 37 km length. One of the highlights you can find inside of the Jahaz-Mahal palace with its huge artificial swimming ponds – the mogul built it exclusively for his harem ladies.

On due to the heat you could find rarely visitors on site. The few domestic tourists stayed mainly on cool places in the shadow of walls or below trees. Even selfies had to be taken in the shadow.

Roopmatis Pavilion, an former army observation post, offers an extraordinary gorgeous view at the back country.

Before returning to Kumbh Mela, we have some time left. That’s why we are riding first southwards to Ajanta and Ellora.

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