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The city planners and arquitects have come up with something in order to make Singapore attractive for tourists. With the Bay Sands Hotel and the Marina Bay Garden they have succeeded in creating something special.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is probably the most famous and most expensive hotel in Singapore, and I would like to specially emphasize the swimming pool at the roof of the building with the probably most spectacular view of the city. Unfortunately, bathing is only allowed for guests from a certain price category / night. We sat in the adjacent pool bar and enjoyed the view from there. Like everywhere else in the city, every free space is used for shopping malls – as well as in the complex around the Marina Bay Sands.

First of all, one has to come up with the idea of creating artificial trees made of metal scaffolding and then letting them grow over little by little. I particularly liked it, especially because you can walk through this forest via a footbridge – the view is excellent and gives a completely different perspective. At night these trees are illuminated in a light and audio show.

Right next to it there are two huge, air-conditioned glass domes with botanical gardens. These two cover different themes. In one of them, rainforest and the corresponding climate are simulated, which the operators have once again succeeded in doing outstandingly. It really was impressive.

You should not miss to spend some time around the Marina Bay in the evening. The lighting and the light reflections in the water are something special. At the same time there is a laser show twice per evening around the Marina Bay sand, which is also very worth seeing.

After Singapore we went on towards Malaysia

– Henry

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