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Cambodia – Angkor Wat

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The trip to Siam Riep and the 3-day visit to the nearby historic temples of Angkor Wat had overwhelmed me in many ways.

The region around Angkor was the capital of the Khmer kingdom between the 9th and the beginning of the 13th century and at that time the largest, pre-industrial city in the world. 3 days – or 30 hours of sightseeing tours are by far not enough to explore the more than 1000 km² large archaeological park of Angkor, with its hundreds of partly dilapidated temples. Probably it will take you 3 weeks, or rather 3 months, to get a good view of it. It was even more hopeless to remember anything in such a short time due to the amount of information, i.e. to correctly assign the dedication or the builder of a temple. Therefore, I will not describe any pictures – it would be guesswork and almost certainly wrong.

But a real feeling of helplessness came up when I looked through the photos – to choose a few out of 1500 pictures with temples or details to show what I saw is almost impossible – at a certain point the clearance was gone, the confusion was great. That’s why most of the photos are chosen randomly. I can only advise everyone to visit Angkor Wat – this place is unique, can’t be compared to anything and can’t be interpreted with 2D photos. You have to personally experience the heat, the light, the smells, the sounds and the moods to get an “idea” of it.

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